Salvation is Free But It Will Cost You Everything

After this young lady converted to Christianity she and her baby was killed by her husband because she would not deny her new found faith in Jesus.

One of my pastors from India lost a member of his church because she refused to Worship in the Hindu
temple her husband pretended to be in Christ but killed her because she would not leave God. I know
people personally who have left the Lord for boyfriends or girlfriends or husband or wife to play in the
world to be drunk and have sex. The Apostle Paul wrote, Romans 8:35-37 “35 Who shall separate us
from the love of Christ?........ Many of us will have no excuse when we stand before Jesus on that great
day please read his story and share this post.......

(Pastor Hosanna Prasad from Mysore, Karnataka, India) “We lost our spiritual daughter today. She is
LAXMI. age 20 years got married 10 months back. She is strong believer in Christ. But husband was
strong Hindu & drunker. She thought she will change him by prayers. In the beginning he acted that he will believe in Jesus to get marry with her. But after marriage he started to drink more & he was forcing her to do idol worship. But she refused on 2nd of June she invited whole church to pray for her safe delivery. So whole church went & prayed & had good service with food. Then husband was not happy in his inside. On 3rd he told her that will go to Temple but she refused to go to Temple then for three days they had little quarrel in between them. On 6th afternoon husband killed her by posting veil on her neck. We took her to the hospital but she was dead. Police made post mortem & said it was murder. She lost her life due to her faith in Christ. You can see her in pictures. Keep in prayers for the family. They are very good & committed family in church. Her baby of 8 months but died in mother womb.”

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