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Welcome to Kingdom of God Ministries web page. I am Apostle Reginald A. Washington Sr. Th.D and on behalf of all the ambassadors at the Diplomat Center, I say welcome. We are a worldwide ministry that exists for only one purpose. We are here to bring back God’s original intent for man as taught by Jesus and that is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. This message is the only message Jesus preached. It is the message he told us all to preach. Understanding what this means is an exciting journey. As you rediscover this wonderful truth you will be able to find the reason God put you here on this earth. God loves you so much that he gave the entire planet Psalm 115:16-17 to you. God called you blessed then you put you in charge of earth! Yes he did, he told you to have dominion over all the earth Genesis 1:26. You have kingdom ruler-ship born in you. God trusted you so much that he has allowed you to manage earth until he returns as kings and priest. That is why we call him the King of kings and Lord of lords. Now that is a heavily responsibility and it is my assignment to help you become the leader God intended for you to be. Yes you are a leader and your gift is trapped inside of you. Through this site, I want to help you unlock that God-given leadership you were born with. Jesus' love is so committed to this end that he died for all your sins. Welcome and enjoy this new journey. May God richly bless you in Jesus name.

Apostle Reginald A. Washington Sr. Th.D

Founder, President and Senior Pastor




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